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 Diosmin & Hesperidin with CEP & EUGMP 

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Hunan Yuantong Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd was established in 2010 and is located in, Liuyang national biomedical industry base, Changsha, Hunan province. Our production facility covers 30 acres of land space.  The company specialises in research and manufacturing of flavonoids, Hesperidin and Diosmin serials, Rutin and Troxerutin serials, natural active ingredients, natural healthcare products and formulations.  

 It is one of the most professional and standardised manufacturing bases for flavonoids in China. Hunan Yuantong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd’s production facility is located in Hunan province. It comprises of over 1000 square meters of Class D clean area and also 410 square meters Class C QC Lab.   

Furthermore, our main product; Diosmin has CEP certification, EU-GMP certification as well as written confirmation for the EU market. Our current annual production capacity for Diosmin is at 600 tons. Customer Focus, Integrity and Quality are the core values of Hunan Yuantong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd and we will always stand by them.

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